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Overview of Waypedia

Waypedia is a mobile app advertising platform aiming at promoting Android and iOS apps all over the world. They provide CPI, CPC, keyword install and ASO service to boost your app ranking and help you generate numerous app downloads. In addition, this company provides free app marketing course for all app marketers, which can help them learn more industry insights and new marketing methods in time.

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There are many campaign types for app developers. For Android developers, you can choose CPI and keyword install to promote your app. For iOS developers, CPC and CPI service are provided for them to boost app ranking and grow their revenues. Also, they are developing the marketing services of ASO description, keywords tracking and consulting.

Also, this company offers free app marketing course for all developers, including the mobile advertising, case studies and app optimization guides. App developers who have curious about how to promote an app can make use of this chance to solve their problems.


You can start a campaign in this company with a small budget. For Android apps, each CPI is priced at $0.1 for low volumes. If you want to get massive installs, you have to pay $0.2 for each bid. Also, each keyword install is priced at $0.2, and the minimum volume of your order is 50. For iOS apps, each CPI is priced at $0.2, and you can get massive installs for an average of $0.3 bid.

Also, this company offers ASO&consulting services for all app developers. You can ask for help from their app experts with $50 for each plan.

How it works?

Before you start a campaign, you have to create an account with a valid email. Then, you can login and click the "Add Campaign" button to enter the section of choosing campaign types. Next, you should choose a suitable type according to your needs. Once you add your app link, choose your targeted country, total budget, daily cap, retention and the bid, you can start your campaign after payment. And then, you just to see your app ranking will increase in hours and gain increasing installs.

Editor’s verdict

Waypedia is a professional company majoring in providing app advertising service for both Android and iOS apps. They have rich experience and trusted by many popular apps. Also, the services of this company are available for any country where you want to market your app to, which is very useful and convenient.

Also, this company’s charge is very low, which means you don’t need to have a big budget to market your app. If you have any question about their service, you can ask for help from their experts and contact their support at any time.

Indeed, in order to cater for the needs of developers who have trouble in app marketing, they offer free app marketing courses for them. Besides, they have cooperated with some tracking companies to ensure the transparent and security of their service.

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