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Overview of Review App 4 U

Founded in 2016, ReviewApp4U is a mobile app promotion company, aiming to help iOS app developers around the world to boost their apps to top charts on App Store in all the countries and regions Apple opened. Since this company came into the app promotion niche, it is highly spoken by numerous developers.

In below, we reviewed this company from its services, service costs, performance and customer service to make clear whether this company is a good choice for developers who want to buy app reviews and ratings. Also, we have introduced how it works in this review. Go on reading to learn details.

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Knowing that positive reviews can help attract more new users and Apple ranks apps that have more good reviews higher clearly, ReviewApp4U offers app store reviews for both free and paid mobile iOS apps. Each app review comes with a real app install and 4/5-star rating. Also, this company provides separate app store rating service for free iOS apps to build a good brand and get more exposure.


If you want to buy app reviews on App Store of US and China, you need to pay $2.99/review. Each review on App Store of other countries and regions is priced at $3.99. If your app is paid, the price of each review on Chinese App Store and US App Store equals to 1.2*your app price plus $2.99, and each review for other regions equals to 1.2*your app price plus $3.99. You can get 10% discount if you buy 50-100 reviews at once. Also, 30% discount is provided if your order includes100+ reviews.

In addition, each app store rating from ReviewApp4U is priced at $1.99. You will save up to 25% if you buy over 500 ratings at once. Moreover, 50% discount will be offered if you buy 1000+ ratings at a time. You are allowed to pay via both Alipay and PayPal, so it’s 100% safe to buy app promotion services from this company. Besides, developers can ask for a refund if they are not happy with this company's service.

How it works?

It is easy to get app reviews and ratings from ReviewApp4U. You can login and make an order via your G+ account. Also, you can use your email to create an account and then sign in with your email and password. After signing in, click "Start New Order". Here, if you want to buy app reviews, click the first button. If you just want to get app ratings, click the second one.

Next step, enter your app URL and click "GO" button. Notice that if your app is paid, you are not able to buy app ratings alone. In the new page, select your target countries and regions, enter the number you need and set daily paces for different regions. If you buy app reviews, you can check the box before "I provide comments" if you want to show the review contents prepared by yourself. Then, after completing all the settings, click the button in the bottom of the page to pay. Then, your order will be activated and ReviwApp4U users will install, review and rate your app based on your order.

Editor's Verdict

Compared with the app reviews and ratings that many other app promotion companies provide, ReviewApp4U services are much cheaper. Numerous companies charge $5 for per iOS app review and $2/rating. Also, PayPal and Alipay payment methods ensure that customers' money is safe. Besides, the money back guarantee makes developers worry-free and risk-free.

Moreover, this company owns numerous real user worldwide. If you make an order from this company, their real users around the world will install your app, write positive reviews and rate it with 4 or 5 stars. Therefore, there is no need to worry your app will be punished. Also, it is really safe and sound to buy app ratings and reviews from ReviewApp4U. Furthermore, this company is recommended by numerous developers around the world. Thus, it is absolutely one of the best choices for you if you want to promote your iOS apps to top 1 and get more reviews and ratings on App Store.

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