Top 8 Mobile App Advertising Networks to Monetize Your App

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In the last years, mobile apps have taken over most markets in the internet niche, and the users in mobile have exceeded PC users for a long time. According to this situation, mobile advertising industry creates various ad methods to face the new challenge. While, there are many mobile advertising networks who claimed that they can help you promote your app and grow revenues. So, how to choose a reliable network is a core part for app developers. To make it easier, we will share top 8 mobile advertising networks at below, you can compare them and choose a best one in terms of your app.


Admob is the first mobile app advertising network for developers on Google, which is a professional platform offering integration system to help you monetize your mobile app and get increasing revenues. Also, there are many advertising formats for you to choose, including banner ads, full-screen ads, interactive ads and search ads. However, there is still a disadvantage in this platform - most users think the revenues of Admob is very low. If you want to get higher revenues via mobile advertising, you have to choose other networks to satisfy your need.


Chartboost is a platform majoring in providing advertising services for gaming apps. They have helped numerous game app developers achieve their success. Also, this network offers interstitial and video ads to pump out your revenue. Indeed, the ads of Chartboost are required to download a new app, so it is suitable for people who always enjoy the fun of a game and are already playing games.

Millenial media

In the mobile advertising niche, Millenial media is regarded as a platform providing highest revenues. According to the reviews of users, this network has received a high praise and built a good reputation among the audiences. Millenial media is also a network displaying your advertisement on other advertising platforms, like Admob. What's more, you can generate traffic via the eCPM. Therefore, it is self-evident Millenial Media is a one of the worthy mobile advertising networks to monetize your app.


Most app developers would like to design in-app purchase to grow revenues. While, the users do not prefer to pay for the same thing to complete a game. So developers have to think out a new method to solve this problem. Tajoy is just this kind of network offering incentivized installs to gain revenues. They have a large number of the user base who can install your app if you give them incentives. But, the Apple hates this behavior and has been banning this service for iOS apps. Tapjoy, to work out this limit, creates a new system which Apple cannot rule over. is one of the comprehensive mobile advertising networks, including mobile, search, display, native, local, products and video. Also, this network is the creator of the display-to-search ad format, which is an ad format aiming at analyzing the content and search keywords of users to promote your app. This ad format has a high conversion rate and you don’t have to spend much money on CPM.


Startapp provides interstitial advertising to increase your app exposure rate. This advertisement means that you allow the advertisement be put between two pages or sections of your app. Comparing with the traditional banner advertising, Startapp is a format having more intrusive. While, it will help you get a higher revenue in a short time than other ads.


InMobi stands out with their new appographic targeting method. It means that they can analyze your app and find the targeted users and media types. Also, this method will combine all the experience including previous and present. For example, if you have an app majoring in music, they will help you find the targeted with music advertising. Indeed, the revenues always grow high via using the new appographic targeting method.


Adfonic is fit for both iOS and Android platforms, and they can ensure 95% fill rates and boost your app to 10x higher eCPMs through their rich experience. This network compares with a lot of famous agencies, like Samsung, Kindle, etc, to show their advertisement in your mobile app. You can customize your ad formats and specific ways to promote your app. But, Adfonic has faced numerous difficulties and challenges through it is flexibility, which can cause the loss of your revenues.


Mobile advertising networks are highly competitive, you need not choose fixed one to advertising app. If you are not happy with one advertising, you can change to another one. Of course, you can carry out the A/B test to help you find the best suitable network for your app. In a word, choosing a right mobile advertising network is not easy, we hope this 8 networks can make it easier for you.

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