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Overview of ComboApp

ComboApp is a top-rated mobile app marketing agency majoring in product development and analytics as well as in-depth understanding of mobile apps. Through cooperating with this company, your app will get maximized exposure so that get numerous app downloads in a short time.

ComboApp has 6 years mobile app marketing experience and completed over 740 marketing projects for more than 250 customers all over the world, which exactly makes them different from other hundreds of mobile marketing companies.

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ComboApp provides 6 different services to cater for the needs of users, you can learn about the details of each service from the following information.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy: they can offer you a detailed marketing plan according to your app, including launching, promoting and monetizing your app. They have a professional team who can help you analyze your competitive landscape and market your app with effective methods.

Mobile App Monetization: in this part, they will analyze your app performance firstly. Then, they will help you choose a suitable mobile app revenue generation plan to achieve your success. Indeed, they will evaluate your app interface and user experience, and develop some recommended marketing activities to increase the ARPU/ARPPU of your app.

Community Management: the goal of this service is to engage the audience and improve the retention rate of users. This company uses many useful strategies to achieve this success, including develop and manage your product community, monitor the media environment and competitive activity, support your content updates in time and leverage user feedback analysis and customer support.

Public Relation Services: this service can improve the reputation of your app. They use the reviews from respected outlets, forums, and some social media platforms to build a reputed app. Also, they will make use of the popular publications to drive more potential users for your app.

App Store Optimization: app store optimization has a huge impact on app installs and ranking on app stores. To increase the organic traffic and downloads, this company will help you create an attractive app by optimizing app icon, title, description, keywords, screenshots.

User Acquisition Management: acquire a large number of high-quality users is a hard task for app developers. ComboApp is a great partner to help you generate numerous potential users. They have many specific media resources to help you popularize your app so that gain more and more users.


ComoApp uses the exclusive data-driven approach to create mobile marketing strategies, which has helped many apps reach their success in the past of years. For example, the MobileSleepDoc, after using their service, has reached maximized exposure and gain abundant users who have given positive reviews with 4/5-star ratings.

Editor’s verdict

CombobApp is a global mobile app marketing company. They have rich experience and app marketing tips to help you boost app downloads and revenues. In the fierce app marketing competition, ComboApp stands out with their professional services and experts team.

Also, this company provides 6 different services to help developers market their apps. They can target the potential users of your app and find a right path for your app marketing. If you want to market your app so that get increasing downloads, ComboApp is a good choice for you.

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