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Ranking at the top of App Store is a dream of every app developer but is not a realistic dream if the app doesn’t have an artistic touch which simply differentiates it from every app out there! App Store optimization (ASO) is the term which is used to describe the process of improving the visibility of your app. In layman language, ASO is nothing but to get the basics of your app right! Just like SEO is the term associated with attracting more traffic to your website, ASO is app store SEO which refers to directing people to download your app.

If you have a website with superb SEO rating, even then it is not necessary that your app would rank top at the search. This is because mobile apps need to be top ranked at App stores like Google Play & Apple and not in search engine results. This post is to help you with some of the tips to boost app ranking. If you think this is complicated and technical topic, then we want to tell you that it is definitely not technical as coding is! Moreover, we are here to make it easy for you! But before we move ahead, here is a heartily congratulations on the launch of your app. Your innovative idea and flawless work in this direction is worth appreciation.

1. Look at the big picture: Just like website optimization, App store aims to provide the users with best search results when they look for certain app. For instance if users are searching for some groceries app then the results would be ranked on the basis of two factors:

  • a. Relevance: The search would consist of all those grocery related apps which are functioning in the area (Google tracks your location) and provide list of all those apps which reflect that functionality.
  • b. Quality: The rating of these multiple apps that show up after a search would depend upon how quality oriented they appear.

Hence, as an app optimizer you need to look at the bigger picture so as to satisfy the appetite of the App store by making your app relevant to its purpose and also meeting the store perceptions about quality. How to exactly boost app ranking is something which we will see in sections below!

2. App name: The title of the app is the first identity through which it can be searched. If you are launching app on large scale and have branding and publicizing in place then having a different name will also do but otherwise you should always have a keyword optimized name so that it is easy to search. For instance, if someone wants to download ‘Uber’ they will search by its name and it’s done! The reason being Uber has publicized enough that a user no longer needs to search ‘taxi apps’! But for all those apps which are not operating at that level as Uber is, it is helpful to include one keyword which is relevant to the function of the app. For example, an app for fitness might be titled something like ‘My Fitness Pal’- the name might not sound catchy but because it is easy to remember and have the keyword, it would get an edge while searching. You can’t change the name of your app down the road as that would mean losing your current search power and therefore you should keep it relevant.

3. Refine App Description: You need to do some work here! You would have to deploy your tools and sources to do some market research and obtain competitive data to generate list of keywords of the industry and include them in the description of the app. Having a robust description is the key necessity which many app developers fail to consider. The description should be informative, crisp, clear, transparent, professional, accurate and natural also to avoid appearance of keyword stuffing. There have been lot of surveys and studies which prove that use of keyword increase your rank by up to 10.3%! Many developers are under perception (may be that is why keywords in description is debatable topic) that description are not indexed and searchable but why to take even 1% of risk at this point of time? You can refer to keyword tool to find popular app store keywords.

4. Images & Graphics: Providing a glimpse of your app before user downloads acts like an instant benefit. In other words. It is just like giving a demo of what you are offering! So putting some screenshots of your app along with motion graphics pointing to its features will help users in getting the full scope of the app before downloading. These images point towards the quality of your app and provide a sneak peek as to what is there in the main course! So you should invest some time in shortlisting some of the high resolution graphics, images and videos showcasing the functionality of the app to give a boost to app ranking. don’t overdo them; keep them concise but make sure that you don’t miss to include the most impressive element of your app. The aim is to grab the attention of users through visual representation!

5. Localization: This technique can actually help in boosting app rankings manifold. Use of localised keywords in your app and making it available in different languages would increase app download rate. For instance, Google has launched its own app is many languages and that is the reason that every phone has Google! Always make sure that primary language of the app remains ‘English’ but you can add versions of various other languages so as to attract global audience. You might have to take some expert help in translating to other languages but it is worth the effort.

6. Feedback & Reviews: Encourage your existing app users to leave feedback and work towards improvement points, if any. The initial base of reviews is tough to handle but they act like building points to boost app ranking. You may also subscribe for many websites which provide positive reviews about your app to boost ratings.

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