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How to Use Social Media to Promote Mobile Apps?

promote mobile apps on social media - app marketingHow to promote mobile apps is a challenge. Most developers think creating an app is tough, because they spend much time and efforts on the features, the functions, and other important parts. While, comparing the process of app marketing, it is not difficult enough. Popularizing app to users and making them install and always stay active are the most difficult parts. There are many social media platforms and millions of app on app stores, which brings a big challenge for developers to stand out their apps from in every app category. In this post, we will introduce the methods how to use promote your mobile app via suitable social media platforms.

Before you advertise your app on social media, you have to prepare enough so that avoid accidents. Reading the following two factors to learn more details.

Ensure your targeted channel

Planning is an essential task before your app marketing via social media, which means that you should choose a suitable channel to promote mobile apps. There are two easy but important questions to help you build your plan, including:

  • What kind of app do I want to my customers to see and use?
  • Which channel is suitable for your app content?

When you answer these questions, you have to stand in user’s shoes to consider the answers. Indeed, knowing your targeted users and what social media they would like to hang out are helpful for you to make a clever decision.

Create value-based content

content - app marketingGood content is the precondition before your app marketing with social media, which can increase the visibility and boost app ranking on app stores. Also, promoting your app content is also an effective way to attract more potential users so that increase app downloads. In addition, you can create an attractive video to show your app on social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

When you have prepared all aspects enough, it is your time to learn about the various social media platforms to promote mobile apps. Go on to reading details at below:

Promote app on Facebook

In the social media niche, Facebook is the best channel to promote your app. It is also a popular social networking platform among average users. If you want to promote your app via Facebook, you can set up a special page of your app to gain credibility. Showing the details to users, including icon, screenshots, videos, reviews, and ratings. Also, adding some relevant app developers and groups can help you increase the exposure rate of your app. Of course, you can create a group to share the posts and information of your app.

Promote app on Twitter

Twitter is a best-known social media platform for its effectiveness in assisting users to build a reliable and trust relationships. You can also use this system to maintain the relationships between the users and your app. You can collect all the users of your app on Twitter, and replay the complaints and questions of them in time. Also, you can interact with them easily, telling them your updates, asking them what they want to get, and knowing the problems and bugs from them. When the users give you positive reviews and high ratings, you can express your thanks via this platforms to create a good user experience.

Promote app on Instagram

Instagram is another effective platform to make your app become popular. They have a large of user base around the world, which can help your app generate numerous potential users on this platform. While, this channel is different from others. It is a platform aims at sharing photos and videos to build credibility. Therefore, to advertise your app on Instagram, you can present your app screenshot, positive reviews and ratings to guide users install your app.

Promote app on Google+

google plus - app marketingAs the Ancillary product of Google, there are many advantages if you promote your app on Google+. One of those is your organic search ranking will increase on Google once you are active on this platform. While, although this advantage provides many benefits for users, you should not overdo it. For example, you cannot over-stuffing the keywords in your hashtags and contents to increase your search ranking.

Promote app on Linkedin

Comparing the other channels, Linkedin is a more professional and official channel to promote mobile apps. Unlike the social networking platform, it is a channel majoring in sharing the experience and skills of works, offering some chances for people to find a job. So, you can find a large number of mobile developers with rich experience, communicating and exchanging installs, reviews and ratings with them are beneficial to your app. Also, you can share some high-quality content in the home part to attract more new users to download your app.

In the end

To promote mobile apps via social media platforms so that boost app ranking and increase app downloads, these 5 channels would be enough. While, this post just talked about the basic points, there are still many other social media platforms you can use to promote your app. The most important task you should carry out is clarifying your targeted users and meeting theirs expects.

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