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How to Promote an App for iOS From the Beginning?

ios apps - app marketingNowadays, iOS app developers are increasing every year. Most people would like to plunge into iOS app development niche, and there is almost 4 times the number of iOS developers than Android developers. While, in the lucrative business, how to promote an app become a hard part for app developers, because they spend most of the time on the knowledge of how to develop an iOS app. So, we will share some methods to promote iOS apps in this post.

Find targeted users

After launching your app on App Store, you can not promote your app without a destination. You should identify the potential users of your app, which can help you get numerous installs in a short time. How? At first, you should make a clear your app, including its function, goal, features, advantages, etc. Then, you have to find the people who have interests in your app through analyzing the behavior of them. Once you find your potential users can you inform them you create a new app and ask them to install your app.

Launch free and paid app versions

There are different needs according to different people. If you have a free iOS app, you will get a large number of initial user base. But if there are some users who desire to get a complete function and full features app, you can provide the paid one for them. Also, your free app can help you get revenue from in-app purchase. In a word, to get more potential users and revenues, you have to launch two different versions to cater to the needs of users.

Social networking

Social networking is a useful channel for developers who are confused about how to promote an app for iOS. You can popularize your app to friends, family and associates via some popular social networking, like Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. Indeed, you can use other social media to increase your app exposure rate, including YouTube, Digg, Stumble Upon, Pearltress, Reddit, etc.

Buy app reviews

write app reviews - app marketingPositive app reviews show your app is worth installing, while negative reviews will cause opposite impact. So, it is vital for app developers to get more iOS positive reviews. However, there is a big impede for them to get it, and most users would not like to leave their feedback of their own accord. In order to solve this problem, you can choose to buy app reviews if you have enough budget. But you have to find a reliable company who can provide real reviews and professional service.

Buy app ratings

As we mentioned the importance of buying app reviews, it is also applied to app ratings. It is easier to get app ratings than app reviews, because it will not spend much time of users to leave their ratings. If you want to get more 4/5-star ratings, you should ensure the quality of your app. While, it is hard to get this kind of ratings for app developers. Therefore, to promote iOS apps, you can also buy app ratings to help you attract more users.

Market iOS apps

As we all know the ultimate goal of promoting iOS apps is to get increasing downloads and revenues. Increasing exposure rate of your app is a core part to achieve this goal, which is also called app marketing. There are some tips for you to market iOS apps:

  • Put your app on review sites
  • Advertising on popular social media and forums
  • Email marketing
  • Put your app video on YouTube
  • Build a landing page of your app
  • Press release
  • Run a contest

Choose right keywords

App keywords have a huge impact on app ranking and downloads, and it plays an important role in app store optimization. It is just like SEO for a website, choosing suitable keywords can decide your site ranking and conversion rate. So, if you want to get a higher ranking on App Store so that get thousands of installs and more revenues, you should spend your time on how to choose right keywords. The suitable app keywords must accord with 3 basic rules: relevant, high traffic, low competitive. You can get right keywords via keyword tools and analyzing competitors. Indeed, you should track your keywords all the time and update them in time.

Cross promotion

Cross promotion is an easy and free method for how to promote an app. In this part, app developers advertise each other’s apps via different methods. If you have more own apps, it is wonderful to advertise your app on different platforms. Also, this method is suitable for developers who have not enough budget. You can also use some cross promotion tools to help you, which can save much time and efforts to a large extent.


Cooperating with the famous people, like stars, well-known business people and a professional company is a good channel to make your app stand out and build up your app’s identity. For example, you can collaborate with a reliable app promotion company providing app installs, reviews and ratings to promote iOS apps.


app advertising - app marketingWe have to admit advertising is the best answer of how to promote an app. You should choose a suitable website and buy some ad space. Also, you can find some famous bloggers and ask them to write some posts about your app. Of course, the offline advertising is also an effective channel to promote your iOS apps, which can drive your app get more potential user base and revenues.

In conclusion

There is a big challenge for developers to promote iOS apps successfully. These 10 tips can help iOS developers promote their apps efficiently in a small period of time. If you have any questions and new ideas about how to promote an app, please let us know at comment section!

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