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How App Store Keywords Impact Your App Store Ranking?

app store keywords - app marketingWhen app developers have uploaded their apps on app stores, one of the most important steps is how to boost app ranking so that get numerous downloads and increasing revenues. While, there are many factors impact app store ranking, including app installs, app conversion rate, app keywords, etc. In this post, we will mainly focus on how app store keywords impact your ranking in details, from the importance of keywords to where to put them, and how to choose right ones.

The Importance of App Store Keywords

Keyword research is one of the essential parts of ASO, which has a huge influence on app store ranking and downloads. Also, according to the survey, 65% users would like to install an app via searching some relevant keywords on app stores. It means that once you choose some suitable keywords, your app will get the maximum exposure rate when users search the keywords you select.

Indeed, just like to process of SEO, adding the keywords in your app on metadata can improve your app ranking and popularize it in a short time. On the contrary, once you get a higher ranking and enough exposure on app stores can you gain more and more app installs. It is a win-win plan for app developers.

Where can you put your keywords?

Before you know the theory that keywords impact app store ranking, you have to make a clear that which places you could put app store keywords in. Let’s talk about these ones by one in below:

App Title

App title is the core part to put your main app store keywords, and it is a part having the highest weight on app stores. So, you should put the most important keywords in this section. Add some descriptive keywords in app title can help your potential users know what your app is about, which also can drive them to install your app.

Subtitle and Promo Text

Recently, the Apple has declared App Store 2.0 will add 2 new fields in the app produce page – subtitle and promo text. The subtitle is a part aiming at introducing app purpose, and you can add your keywords in there to improve the exposure rate of your app. But you have to remember the keywords you have used should not appear in this part. Also, you can add keywords in promo text that is displayed above the app description. It is limited in 170 characters and you can change promo text at any time.

Keywords Field

There is a 100 character field in iTunes Connect to add your app keywords, which is a part to achieve the purpose of search ASO. When you carry out it, you should pay attention to the following tips:

  • Avoid using plurals keywords
  • Do not use any spaces instead of commas
  • Don’t repeat the keywords
  • The keywords you have used in app name should not be used again

Developer Name

Developer name also plays an essential role in app store optimization. Not only does it benefits for app developers to track the historical information of an app, but also can give a chance for them to add their app keywords. It is a great advantage for developers to boost app ranking on app stores.

In-app purchase

If you create an app including in-app purchase, you can use this precious resource to add app keywords. You can add the function words in this part, which will improve the conversion rate of your app. If the users want to install an app that has the function your keywords describe, your app is likely to be installed by them.


You can also add your app keywords in reviews. While, because the reviews are from users, so it is difficult to ask them to add keywords in their feedback except for your brand words. If you have enough budget, you can incentivize users to do that so that improving your keyword search ranking.

How keywords affect app store ranking?

App Store Ranking - App MarketingAfter you add the keywords in these sections mentioned above, you will notice the change of app ranking at soon. But, how it works? Actually, once you put the keywords you want to promote in these parts, your app will appear in the search result when users search the keywords you create. If your app has a high-quality and attractive appearance, it must be ranked higher in the search result. So, the users would like to install your app rather than other apps.

How to Choose Right Keywords to Boost App Ranking?

From the above, it is self-evident that app keywords have a great impact on app store ranking. Therefore, choosing right keywords for app developers is the priority task to boost app ranking. What should they do?

  • Brainstorm
  • Use keywords tool to find suggested keywords
  • Choose the relevant, low competition but high traffic keywords
  • Revamp keywords each month
  • Take advantage of misspellings
  • Analyzing competitors’ keywords
  • Locate keywords according to your targeted country

In conclusion

App store keywords analysis and optimization are the first steps when you improve your app via ASO strategy. You should spend more time in this part, from how to choose right ones to put them in right places. Also, right keywords can boost your app store ranking and downloads as well as numerous organic traffic. We hope you can combine the guides mentioned above in terms of your app to achieve a success. If you have any questions about app keyword optimization, please let me know in the comments!

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