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Overview of Ayet Studios

AyeTStudios is a self-serve mobile advertising&marketing platform for Android, iOS, Unity and Adobe Air apps. They have 2 billion unique users and completed 90 thousand campaigns, which helps them stand out from other app marketing companies. This company provides useful marketing and advertising formats for advertisers. Also, they could grow your business with their unmatched agency solutions.

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There are 2 choices for people who want to cooperate with ayeTStudios. If you are an advertiser, there are different objectives and bid types for you. Also, there are different ad formats, including offerwall, rewarded video, banner, interstitial and video. If you have an agency and want to become a partner of this company, there is still a chance for you. There are 3 solutions for agencies to drive engaged users to your customers, including self service, white label platform and API.

How it works?

Before you advertise your app via these services this company provides, you have to choose your marketing objective and bid type. The marketing objectives are user acquisition, lead generation and brand marketing. The bid type includes CPI, CPA, CPC, CPM and CPV. Then, you have to choose a specific ad format from the various choices. At below, you can learn about the details about the "C"-types of app advertising.

CPI: CPI, cost per install, also referred to as cost per download(CPD), which is a mobile media pricing where you only pay for completed installs. This method can help you gain a number of installs in a short time. But the problem of this method is you can't identify whether users install your app is to get the reward.

CPA: CPA(cost per action) is a common model of mobile media pricing, which means that publishers only pay for the users who have finished some specific actions. There is one tip you should remember: if you have more ads, the rewards should come frequently; if you just have one ad, you should guarantee the rewards won’t come too late.

CPC: CPC, cost per click, is an effective and often used way of advertising niche. You only need to pay when people click your ad. Also, this method is very safe. But you have to keep the "accidental" clicks into your consideration.

CPM: CPM is the abbreviation of cost per million, which is the oldest method in the classical marketing. But there are still advantages you can get to market your product. For example, you can build your brand awareness via this method for the large exposure rate.

CPV: CPV(cost per complete view) means you pay for the users who view your entire ad, and this ad is always a video. You can get more benefits if your product is famous. Also, you have to ensure your video is very attractive and clear. Indeed, the time of video should be limited in 15-30 seconds, which can drive more users to view your video completely.

Editor’s verdict

AyeTStudios is a professional mobile ad company majoring in catering for numerous needs of mobile marketers. They offer many ad formats to help you increase the exposure rate of product so that grow your ad revenue to a large extent. Also, they use the most professional ads measures to achieve your success, which can ensure a great user experience and guaranteed services.

Also, this company cooperates with many major tracking providers, like AppsFlyer and Adjust. You can track your campaign just by adding your specific tracking link, which is very convenient and safe.

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