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Overview of Aso Top1

ASOTop1 is a professional app promotion company owning a huge user base around the world, founded in 2015. They optimize apps with global keyword search install service to get more installs. In addition, they also provide 5-star app store ratings. Cooperating them, developers' apps will be promoted to top and their ROI will be maximized effectively.

Besides, this company offers 24/7 customer service. Their professional app promotion experts will help resolve customers' problems, analyze their apps and make customized app promotion plan for each one.

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ASOTop1, an app store optimization company, aiming at boosting iOS apps to top 1 in app store search results and top charts. They offer global app keyword search installs and 5-star app ratings on App Store. Therefore, no matter where iOS developers want to promote their apps to, ASOTop1 is helpful.


Each app keyword search install at ASOTop1 is priced at $1. If you make a bulk order, they will offer you a huge discount. What’s more, each app store rating is priced at $1.99. If you buy 500+ ratings, you will get 20% discount. Besides, if your order includes 1,000+ ratings, you will get 50% discount. Developers can pay via PayPal on

How it works?

It is easy to get started with ASOTop1. You can easily sign in with a G+ account. Then you can make an order on their official site. Also, you can create an account using your email account. Once your account is activated, you will get $20 coupon.

After signing in, you come to ASOTop1 user center. Here, you can buy app installs and ratings, revise your profile, check your balance and coupons, and send a feedback.

To create an order, you just need to click the "Create Order" button and choose the order type. If you want to buy app installs, click the "ASO Order" button and type your app link, choose the target country, enter the keyword you need to optimize and then set the install amount and daily pace. Here, if you have any coupon, you can choose one before submitting the order. After this, click "Submit" button to pay. Once you complete the payment, your order will activated and ASOTop1 users will search keywords, find your app, install and open it.

If you want to buy app ratings on ASOTop1, click the "Ratings Order" button to enter your app link and click "Go" to start. Next, choose your target countries and requested amount. Then, click "Get 4/5-Star Ratings Now" button to choose your payment method and submit your order. After completing the payment, your order is active. Their users will install your app and then rate it with 4/5 stars according to your needs.

Editor's verdict

ASOTop1 is a professional app promotion company aiming at boosting iOS app ranking all over the world to help developers increase app installs and boost revenues. All app installs and ratings are provided by ASOTop1's real users. Therefore, there is no need to worry that your app will be punished by Apple.

What's more, services at this company are very cheap in the niche. Developers can get good results and ROI with paying $1 for each real install and less than $1 for each app store rating. Besides, this agency allows clients to pay via PayPal and ask for a refund if they are not happy with the services. Therefore, it is risk-free and worry-free to cooperate with them.

In addition, ASOTop1 experts are online 24/7 to help developers resolve any question about working with them. Each expert has at least 5 years of app promotion experience. Also, they will help developer analyze their apps and make a customize app promotion plan for them. Therefore, this company is worth to working with.

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