How to Ask for App Ratings and Reviews on iOS App Store?

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As we all know that app ratings and reviews are the core part of app promotion. Most app developers have spared their efforts to get them, but it is not easy to carry out. Starting with iOS 10.3, app developers can ask for app reviews and ratings from users directly within the app. While, how and when to ask is a new question for them to work out. In this post, we will talk about this question to help developers get app ratings and reviews in right way.

Why app reviews and ratings are necessary?

First, we should learn about the importance of app ratings and reviews. You can learn more details from the following aspects:


1.When you search a certain of an app on App Store, you will find the app ratings will be shown in search results and top chart rankings. It means that the app ratings is an essential factor to affect the app downloads. Also, the higher ratings will help your app appear higher in the search results.

2.Just like ratings, app reviews also have a huge impact on users to install an app. On a more personal note, I am hesitant to install an app that has more negative reviews than positive reviews. Indeed, app reviews show the quality of an app, which means that an app that has more positive app reviews is worth installing.

Great experience is core

Before you ask users to review and rate your app, ensuring a great experience is essential task app developers must do. How? Improving the quality of an app is the key. You will get poor reviews and ratings if your app is poor. Once the first step is met, asking a good feedback will be easier to carry out. One key for you to achieve this goal - put yourself in the shoes of your customers.

How to ask for app reviews and ratings?

Asking users to leave their reviews and ratings for your app is a big challenge. You have to remember 3 guides: 1) don't annoy users, 2) don't repeat, 3) ask nicely. let's talk about the details at below:

Find targeted users

Maybe there are many developers ask users to review and rate an app when they have finished a task or purchased some goods, it is not a wise act. Because you cannot ensure the users have used this kind of service before, so why ask them? Therefore, you have to find the targeted users when you ask them to review and rate your app. For example, you can ask the users who have opened your app at least 10 times over 3 distinct days. This method can help you get more positive reviews and high ratings than spray and pra.

Use clever and right methods

There is always a dilemma for app developers: although asking users to get app ratings and reviews is a great way, but by simply asking we might receive a bad result. In this time, you should consider whether the methods you use are right. The pop-up method always interrupts the user's experience, which can drive them to leave negative reviews and low ratings for your app. So, you are able to try to create an integrated system to ask for app reviews and ratings. Also, the placement of putting your asking is also worth researching.

The questions should be diversity

When you design some questions for users, you could try to some simple questions. And then, you could ask them to review or rate your app in terms of their attitude to your app. For example, you can ask a simple question like this: Enjoying this game? If they choose "yes", you can ask them to review and rate your app. While, if they choose "not really", you could guide them to leave their feedback on App Store. You can use these feedback to learn more your app completely. Also, you can know the bugs and some parts need to improve from user's feedback. Repairing them to cater for the needs of users might attract them to reinstall your app and improve the conversion rate.

In the end

Although the methods mentioned above should be suitable for anyone, your actual approach should be special to satisfy the expectation of users and yours. After you created an app and uploaded it on App Store, you should try your best to boost your app ranking via effective methods, like getting increasing installs, reviews and ratings. When you ask for app reviews and ratings from users on App Store, hope these tips can help you. Good luck!

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