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Overview of App Shout

AppShout aims at building a great app brand awareness and gain potential downloads for both Android and iOS apps. This company is a professional app marketing platform, and they have rich experience and strategies to help you get the happy results. For different apps, they have designed different marketing packages to cater for the needs of customers.

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AppShout solutions are built for customers' success. The ultimate goal of this company is to improve your app exposure rate so that get more potential installs over a long term. They provide app marketing services, including press release, interactive press pack and video demo. Also, they offer professional writing services, including PR writing and app description writing to highlight your unique app’s purpose, functions and features.

What’s more, this company designed 3 different plans, you can choose the most suitable one in terms of your needs. Their entry-level package gets your app attention, including PR, interactive press pack, social media and review sites services. Their mid-tier package includes advertising & video demo, SEO keywords, mobile ad campaign and full campaign report. The Plus package includes all the services this company can provide. However, the former 2 packages only support 6 countries, including US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and China. The Plus package is available for any country you want to market.


This company provides a flexible pricing that puts you in control. You can choose the package that fits your needs and budget. Each campaign type is designed to be useful to any developers who want to market their app. There are 3 marketing packages. The basic package Noise is priced at $455, the Loud is priced at $835, and the Plus+ is priced at $1395. Besides, this company offers the professional PR and App Store description writing. You can get a PR writing with $175, and an App Store description with $115.

How it works?

AppShout has helped many apps achieve a success, which also drives them gain a good reputation and stand out from this niche. If you want to market your app, you have to understand your app carefully. Then, you can choose a suitable marketing plan according to your app. After that, this company will use the professional tools and methods to help you market your app. They have a number of targeted approaches, including journalists, newswires, AP, review sites, mobile ads and video network, which are effective to popularize your app. About a week later, you will receive a detailed report that you can learn about the information of your order.

Editor’s verdict

AppShout is a great app advertising platform to boost brand awareness and build valuable "buzz". Their services help you target the right people and sources you want to reach. Also, they have a large number of experts who can help you market your app effectively. You just prepare to enjoy the great result that your app becomes popular and gain more and more downloads.

AppShout provides various app marketing packages for different developers, which means that you can control your app and budget effectively. They ensure that their services provided by professional experts can give you a perfect result you want to reach. Also, if you have any problem during the process of app marketing, you can contact their support at any time.

In addition, this company provides guaranteed after-sale service. After your campaign has finished about one week, you will receive a full report that clearly details activities and results of your order. Also, you will receive a custom URL that you can use whenever you wish to track online pickups and new articles in the future.

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