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Overview of Apps Flyer

AppsFlyer is a company who has rich experience in mobile attribution& marketing analytics, which can help worldwide app marketers find a right direction and make a clever decision about app marketing. This company is trusted by many world-class great companies, like HBO, IGG, Alibaba and WSJ. Indeed, in the mobile marketing niche, they almost cooperated with every provider to grow their business.

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AppsFlyer provides 4 products for app developers, including mobile attribution, marketing analytics, connect with an ecosystem and data integrity.

Mobile Attribution: this service includes user acquisition attribution, retargeting attribution, TV attribution and configurable attribution windows. Each attribution is designed to help track where is each app install from so that target the potential users.

Marketing analytics: this service helps you insight into your app effectively. They use professional skills to look into which users engage your app, how they are using and how much revenues you will get. Also, this company has integrated with numerous leading networks, including Facebook and Twitter, to market your app and maximize your ROI.

Connect With an Ecosystem: there are many mobile ecosystems in the world, which is difficult for app developers to choose a suitable platform. AppsFlyer can put your mobile app marketing data to every platform and other useful networks all over the world, which can drive you to work faster and more effectively.

Data Integrity: AppsFlyer provides the best data protection of users. The process of their services are transparent, and they always believe: "users deserve nothing less than complete access to their data." Also, the services this company provides are all independent, which means you can get the real and effective original data rather than from third-party platforms.


AppsFlyer helps app developers attribute each install to media source, an integrated network and other platforms. If you want to track installs within 10 thousand, each install is priced at $0.05. If the amounts are over 10 thousand but under 20 thousand, each install is priced at $0.04. If you want to track the installs over 20 thousand, each install is priced at $0.03. Also, there are 2 more packages you can choose according to your app.


There are many advantages if you choose AppsFlyer. They not only can identify which users have installed your app, but also can track the uninstall users, which can help you find the problems of your app so that improve your app quality by dealing with these problems. Also, this company can attribute your in-app advertising so that helps you find specific marketing channels and campaigns.

Indeed, this company provides the special Omni-Channel LTV, Multi-Touch Attribution and Pivot service to help you get the best user experience. The users of AppsFlyer is built on deep, API-level integrations, which can help you start your campaign easily.

Editor’s verdict

AppsFlyer is a useful app tracking and marketing analytics platform, which can help developers target their potential users and improve their apps effectively. They own the world-class strategies and professional team, which also drives them to stand out from other competitors over a long time.

Also, the services of this company are secure and guaranteed. You can track all data of your order during the process of a campaign. Also, they guarantee their services are provided by themselves, which can ensure all data that users gain are original. Indeed, they have used fraud protection to maintain the benefits of users, which is very safe.

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