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Overview of Admob

Admob by Google is a world-class mobile advertising platform, which can help app developers gain increasing revenue at soon. Also, your app will be promoted with professional and effective method in a short time. This company has rich experience followed by over 1 million users, which is the reason why numerous app developers would like to choose this company to cooperate.

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This company provides two different ads - rewarded video ads and native ads. In rewarded video ads, you can offer in-app rewards for users, which can improve the user experience and drive more users to join this campaign. In native ads, you just choose the type of ads, and design a suitable style or color to match your app by yourself. Also, you can change the type of ads at any time without re-publishing your app.

How it works?

The process of app marketing in Admob is very easy, there are 3 steps you have to carry out:

First, you have to choose a right ad format. There are different ad formats to cater for the needs of users, including banner, interstitial and video ads. You have to choose a suitable one according to your app.

Then, you should filter out the ads you don’t want. You can use ad category and specific filters to control your ads type. Also, you can use the Ad Review Center to check each ad before they are shown in your app.

After you finished the 2 steps mentioned above, you will get resources of all advertisers using Google’s buying platform. They will compete to show their advertisements in your app so that you can gain increasing ad revenue.


Admob by Google has helped most apps maximize their ad revenue and earn higher CPMs. There are many success stories, including Blood Pressure, Bravolol, Brighthouse, CocoPPa and other famous apps. All developers who have used the service of this company have given a high praise and leave positive reviews. You can visit the success stories section of their website to learn more detailed information.

Editor’s verdict

Admob by Google is a professional mobile app monetization and in-app advertising platform for Android, iOS and other leading game engines. If you choose this company to cooperate, you will get a trusted partner to grow your business. Also, they can promote your app for free during the process of advertising, which can save your efforts and time to a large extent.

Also, this company provides two different ad plans for users, each ad has used effective and professional strategies to satisfy the needs of users. For rewarded video ads, to increase ad revenue and maximize user engagement are the ultimate goal of this kind of ad. For native ads, it majors in building a good user experience.

Also, the free, unlimited analytics with firebase is a highlight of their services. In this way, you can find more precious resources to help you make a clever decision. Besides, you can use the report of firebase analytics to understand your app so that target more potential users.

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