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Proper app store optimization or ASO combines standard Search Engine Organization (SEO) for the internet with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) that is used for apps. The result is maximum visibility for your app when people search for it on Google and other search engines along with finding your app in the store.

Android or iOS app store optimization is considered a passive form of marketing since it does not reach out to potential customer, but rather pulls them in when they search for information related to your app. When combined with the number of page views and store impressions, ASO offers a potent combination of effective marketing techniques for apps.

It begins by creating a listing for your app in the apps store itself and working on each element so that it maximizes its visibility. The good news about this approach is that it can work with a myriad of marketing efforts so that you can get your app noticed.

How App Store Optimization Works?

There is an algorithm used in app stores are for paid, free, and grossing products that is simpler in concept compared to SEO. Basically, the more your app is downloaded, the higher it will appear in the app store rankings. This has a cumulative effect because the more your app is seen, the better it will do in terms of purchases.

For SEO or keyword based algorithms, it will depend on how the keywords or key phrases used match the queries in search engines. The more relevant your app is to a keyword, the more likely it will show up on search engine results and be ranked according to its relevancy. Positive or negative reviews will influence the SEO as well.

This means that if your app is relevant, has mostly positive reviews, and is closely associated with a keyword, it will rank accordingly.

How Ranking Works?

To rank for keywords, you will need to have them located in four places, the name of the app, the space for the keywords, the name of the developer, and if the app in the app purchase section exactly matches the keyword. For iOS app store optimization, that will include common categories, related keywords, names of competitors, and partial matches.

For the best app store optimization, you’ll need to research the right keywords that your target audience is most likely to use when searching for your app. There are ASO tools that can be used to search for keywords in terms of their use and popularity which provides some insight into which ones are right for your needs. For your efforts, you’ll need access to all three of the following:

ASO Tools

Google Keyword Planner

App Store AutoFill Results

In addition, Google Trends provides additional insight into the popularity of each keyword which will help you decide on the best ones to use for your app. Keep in mind that you do not want to overuse keywords because that might negatively affect your app store optimization efforts.

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